Garlic Tent 

︎May 2020
︎Princeton, NJ

This project was made in a joint effort with 3D computer-generated art designer Christine Kwon and musician Alex Williams. 

The Garlic Tent allowed for a unique collaboration between apple-watch interface design, sculpture, lighting design, sewing, and live music. This teamwork culminated in an event called the “Garlic Party,” with a live DJ set, playing what we called “garlic music.” People could enter the garlic tent to see a video projection of the garlic moving inside the tent, while dancing to garlic music.  

The idea for the collaboration began when I saw Christine’s apple watch design for a garlic clock. It was a wonderful exploration into how simple natural forms can move on a small interface and create complex and fascinating visual experiences.

I decided to make a flourescent tent, inspired by her apple watch design. In the end, the Garlic Party was a spectacular event that both confused people and encouraged them move and dance inside/ around a strange object in the center of the room. The room became a sort of a garlic shrine.