Seating for Sharing

︎︎︎Copenhagen, Denmark
︎︎︎March 2020 

Project for the Urban Design program at DIS Copenhagen. 

I believe its important to create spaces that encourage sharing and storytelling in the urban context. As our cities become increasingly diverse and multicultural, we need to take moments to give to others. "Seating for Sharing" is public seating that encourages visitors to leave and take books. It is situated on the site of the Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark. A site analysis of Torvehallerne was conducted using photography, climate analysis, public life data, and studies of movement.

Circular spaces in the urban setting allow people to face each other. Strangers acknowledge each other a bit more, and there is a opening in the fabric of daily rush through the city. 

Site Analysis 

︎︎︎During the winter months, there is frequen rain and western winds.

︎︎︎The Torvehallerne encourages mostly economic interactions, with limited public seating. 

︎︎︎People spend little time outside the Torvehallerne, and move quickly to their next destination during the winter.