Olivia the Apple Watch 

︎︎︎Princeton, NJ
︎︎︎May 2021

Devices are using our dependence on precise time to capture our attention and provide often unnecessary data. During pandemic life, time is already visible everywhere in our homes: in our kitchens, on our devices, on our rice cookers. Why should we wear it? Why not think about time, instead of knowing it?

With this project, I imagined an Apple Watch in which the designer feeds their ideas about time to the user, instead of giving the user the time. The watch becomes a one-sided communication platform. The first messages are in the voice of the designer, but the watch transforms its tone as it listens to the voice of its wearer. Eventually, the designer's ideas about time are communicated entirely in the voice of the wearer, bluring the line between designer and wearer.

The orginal Apple Watch font and minimalist design was implemented into this design in order to invoke the voice of the interface designers of the watch.