︎︎︎olivia kusio               

I am a Polish-American multimedia artist and designer, currently based in New York City. I graduated from Princeton University in May of 2022,  majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering with minors in Visual Arts and Urban Studies. Previously, I have worked as an narrative experience designer, graphic designer, and UX designer. I have been a practicing artist for the past five years.

My interests are focused on applying my quantitative and qualitative research skills to problem finding and solving. I want to imagine and visually represent the narratives of the future, and I believe designing an equitable society means directly responding to real stories of people and the planet.
In my art, I'm interested in the different ways I can communicate ideas, information, and questions through visual and bodily experiences. I am passionate about community activism through visual means and creating work that engages with people in public places. I’m excited by the act of creating spaces in which the audience needs to make decisions, specifically through their movement in the space. 

My art and design work spans the following areas: 
  • Narrative Exhibition Design
  • UX and Graphic Design
  • Brand Design
  • Video Installation
  • Sculpture
  • Photography and Film
  • Drawing 
  • Urban Design

Work shown in: 
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Static Arts Gallery, NYC
  • Unfashionable Gallery, currated by PULSE NYC
  • Princeton University Butler Gallery
  • Princeton University Lucas Gallery