Chalk Art

︎︎︎Princeton University
︎︎︎Every other week, for 2 years

Chalk nights took place on the corner of Nassau and Witherspoon at Princeton University, which can be considered the intersection of the university and the town of Princeton. 

Chalk nights were always extremely social events, with many members of the Princeton community coming up to speak to me or the other artists that joined me about the subject matter of the work.

The subject matter of the art spanned different levels of seriousness, from climate change and mental health, to capitalist urban design, to beans and mushrooms.  

The most exciting aspect of the chalk nights was the low-stakes, temporary, and public nature of the work. I was able to get visuals and thoughts out that I felt were most intriguing to me that week, with very little planning beforehand. The chalk art lasted only about 4 days, allowing for more risk taking and directness in my work. Addtionally, I felt that that the chalk art was impacting the culture of the school, with many people commenting and discussing the work with me in the following days.